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Live More Project

starting Sunday, 10th October 2021

Wish You Could Stress Less & Live More?

What is the Live More Project?

The Live More Project brings together scientifically proven strategies from Neuroscience, Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine into a fun, experiential and life-enhancing program. The Live More Project is a 10-week program that is designed to boost your health and happiness.

Developed and presented by Dr. Darren Morton, the Live More Project is helping people improve their health and happiness around the world.
It's not hard and you will learn a lot about yourself.

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Live More Project

What's covered in the program?


Your Limbo Is Listening

Learn about your limbo, the leader, the home of happy and other important brain functions. Understanding how the brain works, and what it responds to, helps us to get the best results.


Motion Creates Emotion

How does your brain know where your nose is, even when you can't see it? Discover how and why the relationship between your brain and muscles is important for your emotions.


Blue & Green Should Often Be Seen

Learn why your brain creates an emotional response to what you see, before a rational response.


Together Feels Better

Discover how and why our brains connect with each other, and why it's better to be together.


Feelings Follow Your Focus

Your Limbo and Leader can be a bad influence on each other. Learn how to use this influence to give your happiness a boost


Food Feeds Your Mood

Learn from an intriguing area of medical research about how certain types of foods can keep the blues away


Rest To Feel Your Best

Learn why resting is important to feeling your best


Stress Less

Discover why zebras don't get stomach ulcers and why it is important for you


Giving Is Living

Discover why serving changes our focus and helps give our limbo a lift.


What Does It Take To Flourish?

If you want to truly flourish in life, science says that feeling good is not enough: you need 5 things. Discover this big picture of wellness and explore what it takes to truly flourish.


A New You is a wellness initiative that aims to promote the benefits of healthful living to the people of Sydney

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